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Groom Suite

Savor every moment of your big day with our thoughtfully curated Bridal and Groom Suite packages! Delivered straight to your suite, we ensure that you can relax and enjoy the special moments on your wedding day.


- Assorted Deli Sandwich Platter

- Cubed Meats, Cheese, and Fruit Tray

- Assorted Chips Variety Pack (18 snack size bags)

- La Croix (16 cans)

- Paper Plates

- Paper Napkins


Serves approx. 12-16 guests


$110 plus 35% service fee


Items are subject to store availability. If an item is out of stock we will replace it with the closest comparable product. Our Curated Grocery Packages are sourced from Smith's (Kroger).

Groom Suite

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